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"The Golden Cockerel", a children musical festival
“ZOLOTOY PETUSHOK” (“GOLDEN ROOSTER”), oblast children’s contest-festival. It has been held since 2002 among the young soloists and art groups representing the Leningrad Oblast as well as towns and villages from other regions of Russia. ... more

"The heart of Russia does not forget you as the first love", celebration

"The holiday of Terpsichore", a competition

"The Light of the Nativity Star does not Fade", events at the Roerich Museum

"The May Tree", a festival

"The Narivity of Christos is glorified!", a church music festival

"The province meetings of art masters of Russia", a musical festival
“PROVINTSIALNYE VSTRECHY MASTEROV ISKUSSTV ROSSII” (“MEETINGS OF RUSSIAN MASTERS OF ARTS IN THE COUNTRY”), oblast festival of classical music. It has been held since 1993 in Boksitogorsk Town. Initiators of the festival – director of... more

The Puppet Theatre of Luga Town House of Culture

"The Road of Life", veteran meetings

"The Rusian Yard", an oblast folk art festival
“RUSSKIY DVOR” (“RUSSIAN COURTYARD”), oblast festival of amateur and folk art. It has been held once in two years in Pikalevo Town since 1997. It is held on the Day of Metallurgist, which takes place in the middle of July. Founders – the Culture... more

"The Theatre Island", an international theatre festival

"The Theatre spring", an oblast festival
“TEATRALNAYA VESNA” (“THEATRE SPRING”), oblast festival. It is held once in two years. The first festival of the Leningrad Oblast amateur theatre performances was held in Luga Town in May 1980. There were four theatres-participants: from Luga... more

"The Tree of Life", a vepses festival
“DEREVO ZHIZNY” (“TREE OF LIFE”), Veps festival – a holiday of Veps culture. Veps name is “Elon Pu”. The festival was organized in 1987 in Vinnitsy Village, Podporozhye District, one of the centres of Veps culture, on the initiative of the... more

"The wreath of the glory of St. Alexander Nevsky", a festival
“VENOK SLAVY ALEKSANDRA NEVSKOGO” (“ALEXANDER NEVSKY’S WREATH OF GLORY”), oblast festival in honour of 750th anniversary of Nevskaya Battle in the mouth of the Izhora River (modern Kolpino Dictrict of St.Petersburg). It was first held on... more

"The Youth Are Dancing", festival

"Theatre Autumn", a festival

Theatre of Satire in Vasilyevsky Island
TEATR SATIRY NA VASILIEVSKOM (“SATIRE THEATRE ON VASILIEVSKY ISLAND”) (48, Sredniy av. VO, SPb), founded on the 1st of September 1989. Promoter – the Leningrad Oblast Executive Committee of the Deputy Council. Founder and unchallenged creative... more

THEATRES. For the first time theatres in the suburbs of St.Ptersburg appeared in the end of the XVIII century at the Emperor country palaces (court theatres) and in the country estates of nobility (serf theatres). By 1861 there existed 27 serf... more

Theology Institute of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Ingria named after S.-Y. Laurikaly
Theology Institute of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church (ELC) of Ingria named after S.-Y. Laurikaly (the village of Kolbino, the Vsevolozhsk District). In 1993 the Synod of ElC of Ingria adopted the decision about the foundation of the Deacon... more

Tikhvin Children Art School named after N.A. Rimsky - Korsakov
TIKHVIN TOWN ARTS SCHOOL NAMED AFTER N.A. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV (2, 1st microdistrict, Tikhvin Town). Children’s musical school was opened in Tikhvin Town in January 1946. In 2001 it acquired a status of arts school. Founder – Administration of... more

Tikhvin children art school

Tikhvin children music school

"To the greater glory of Gatchina Town", the day of the city - holiday

Tolmachevo children music school

Tolstoy, Fyodor Petrovich (1783-1873), an artist
TOLSTOY, Fyodor Petrovich, Count (1783–1873), a medallist, a master of drawing and an artist, a privy councillor (1846). He graduated from the Navy military school (1802), served in the Navy, resigned in 1804. Since 1802 Tolstoy studied at the... more

Tomilov, Aleksey Romanovich (1779- 1848), landlord
TOMILOV, Aleksey Romanovich (1779–1848, Uspenskoye Village , Novaya Ladoga Uyezd), artillery officer, amateur painter, patron of the arts. In 1799 he supervised fortification works in Kronshtadt Town. In 1808 he resigned. During the 1812 War with... more

Tosno children arts school

Traditional business and handicraft
TRADITIONAL TRADES AND HANDICRAFTS originated from household occupations and crafts which were aimed at production of household objects for the peasants' own needs. Originality of traditional trades in Leningrad Oblast is connected... more

"Triangle", a theatre-studio

"Turandot", the Theatre

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