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Sokolov-Mikitov, Ivan Sergeyevich (1892-1975), a writer
Sokolov-Mikitov, Ivan Sergeyevich (1892-1975), a writer. From 1910 Sokolov-Mikitov attended the Higher Agricultural School in St. Petersburg (he did not graduated from it). He worked as a member of the staff of the newspaper "Revelsky rabochy" ("The... more

Sologub (the real last name Teternikov), Fyodor Kuzmich (1863-1927), a literary man
Sologub (the real surname Teternikov), Fyodor Kuzmich (1863-1927), a writer. He graduated from the St. Petersburg Teacher's Institute in 1882. Sologub worked as a mathematics teacher. At first he worked in province, from 1893 he worked in St.... more

"Spektr Gatchina", a newspaper

"Svirskiye Ogni" ("Svir Lights"), MIPK

"Svirskiye ogni" ("The Svir Lights"), a newspaper
"Svirskiye ogni" ("The Svir Lights"; Podporozhye town, 3 Isakov Street), a social and political newspaper of the Podporozhye District. It was founded on September 1, 1931 as the organ of the District Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet... more

Syodergran, Edit (1892-1923), a poet
Sodergran, Edit Irene (1892-1923, Raivola), a poetess. Edit Sodergran was born in the family of Swedish-speaking natives of Finland in St. Petersburg. She lived in Raivola (now it is Roshchino urban settlement) where her father served as the manager... more

"Teleradio Tosno" ("Television and Radio Broadcasting of Tosno Town"), a TV company

"Tera-Studio", TV company

The Writers' Union of the Leningrad Oblast
The Writers' Union of the Leningrad Oblast and St. Petersburg. It is non-commercial partnership for supporting the literary work. The Union was founded by a group of writers living in the Leningrad Oblast and suburbs of St. Petersburg on April 23,... more

"Tikhvinskoye televideniye" ("TV Broadcasting of Tikhvin Town"), a TV company

Tolstoy, Aleksey Konstantinovich (1817-1875), Count, writer
Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy(1817-1875), Count , writer, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Saint Petersburg (1873). In 1834 he was accepted as a "student" to Moscow's archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; in... more

Tolstoy, Aleksey Nikolayevich (1882/83-1945), Count, a writer
Tolstoy, Aleksey Nikolayevich, Count (1882 - 1945), a writer, public figure, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1939). During 1901-1907 A.N. Tolstoy attended the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology but did not gaduated from it.... more

"Tosnensky vestnik" ("Tosno Bulletin"), a newspaper
"Tosnensky vestnik" ("Tosno Bulletin") (50 Lenin Prospect, Tosno town) , a social and political newspaper of the Tosno district. It was founded on October 20, 1931 as as the organ of the District Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union... more

"Trudovaya slava" ("Labour Fame"), a newspaper
"Trudovaya slava" ("Labour Glory") (6a Novo-Sovetskaya Street, Tikhvin Town), a social and political newspaper of the Tikhvin District. It was founded on August 21, 1930 as as the organ of the District Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet... more

Turgenev, Ivan Sergeyevich (1818-1883), a writer
Turgenev, Ivan Sergeyevich (1818-1883), a writer, Corresponding Member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1860). I.S. Turgenev graduated from the literary department of the St.Petersburg University Philosophy Faculty in 1837, he attended... more

TV. Television broadcast began to expand their services into the territory of modern Leningrad oblast with the establishment of high-powered transmitting devices of the Leningrad TV centre which was founded at the end of the 1930s. Television... more

TV Broadcasting of Kingisepp Town

Tynni, Kaapre (1877-1953), a scholar
Tynni, Kaapre (Gabriel) (1877, Nizhnyaya Zagvozdka/ Ala-sakoska of the Tsarskoye Selo Utezd, the St. Petersburg Gubernia - 1953), an enlightener, public figure. In 1899 Tynni graduated from Kolpani Teacher-Küster Seminary. He worked as a village... more

Typographical and Publishing Business
Typography and Publishing was developed comparatively poor in St. Petersburg gubernia, it was determined with the closeness to St. Petersburg, one of the most large scale printing and publishing centre. In 1904 there was a printing house in towns of... more

Ushinsky, Konstantin Dmitriyevich (1824-1870), a teacher
Konstantin Dmitriyevich Ushinsky (1824-1870), a teacher, literary man.In 1844 Ushinsky graduated from the Department of Law of Moscow University.From 1846 to 1849 he was a professor at the Demidov Lyceum in Yaroslavl. Ushinsky earned money by... more

Uspensky, Gleb Ivanovich (1843 – 1902), a writer
Uspensky, Gleb Ivanovich (1843 – 1902), a writer. Uspensky attended the St. Petersburg (1861) and Moscow (1862) Universities but did not graduate from the course. In 1867 he passed exams for a teacher. Uspensky worked in the magazines "Sovremennik"... more

"Vera I zhizn" ("Faith and Life"), a magazine

"Veshchy Gamayun" ("Prophetic Gamayun"), a magazine
"Veshchy Gamayun" ("Prophetic Gamayun")(Tikhvin Town), a social,political, literary,artistic,historic and regional oblast magazine. Constitutor is «Editorial Staff-Publishing House of Enterprise “Gamayun”» Ltd. From 1999 to 2002 five issues... more

"Vesti", ("The News"), a newspaper
"Vesti", ("The News")(St Petersburg, 30 Millionnaya St), regional social, political newspaper . The first publishing was in December 1990. Constitutors are the government of the Leningrad Oblast and "Newspaper "Vesti" JSC .It is the largest... more

"Vestnik" ("Bulletin"), a newspaper

"Vestnik KGI" ("The Bulletin KGI"), a newspaper

"Vestnik kreditorov" ("The Bulletin of Creditors"), a magazine

"Vestnik Novo-Ladozhskogo uyezdnogo ispolkoma" ("The Bulletin of the Novaya Ladoga Uyezd Executive Committee"), a newspaper

"Vestnik Oraniyenbauma. Ofitsialnaya chast I spravochny otdel" ("Oraniyenbaun Bulletin. Oficial Part and Reference"), a magazine

"Vestnik Oraniyenbaumskoy strelkovoy shkoli" ("The Bulletin of the Oraniyenbaum Infantry School"), a magazine

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