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Gubanitsi Village

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Volosovo District

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Savakots (Savakot, Savaki) is an ethnic group of Ingermanlandia Finns. They are descendants of the migrants resettled in the 17th century to Ingermanlandia from the province of Savo in Eastern Finland. The culture and dialect of Savakots were closer... more

Shyogren, Andrey Mikhaylovich (1794-1855), a scholar
Andreas Johan (Andrey Mikhailovich) Sjogren (1794-1855) was an ethnographer, linguist. In 1831 he became an academician of the Saint Petersburg Academy of Science. He was born in Finland in the family of a shoemaker. He studied in a grammar school... more

The Lutheran Church of St.John the Baptist (Gubanitsy Village, Volosovo District)
The Lutheran Church of St.John the Baptist (Gubanitsy Village, the Volosovo District). It is a Finnish-Estonian church (the parish of Kupanitsa). The community was organised in 1647, a wooden church was built in 1704. During 1743-1748 a new wooden... more

Volosovo District
VOLOSOVO DISTRICT, a part of Leningrad Oblast. Area: 2680.5 sq. km. Population: 46,900. Adm. center: Volosovo Town. The district comprises Kikerino urban settlement, and 202 rural localities. It borders Kingisepp, Lomonosov, Gatchina, and Luga... more