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Yastrebino Village

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Volosovo District

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Boris Vilde's museum-estate
The museum-estate of Boris Vilde was founded in 2002 in Yastrebino Village of the Volosovo District (it is a part of the Besedsky Culture and Leisure Centre) in the house built in the early 20th century by the peasant V.F. Golubev (the maternal... more

Brandt, Karl Ivanovich (1810- 1882), an architect
Karl Ivanovich Brandt (1810–1882), an architect. He was graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1833). From 1853 to 1860 he was an architect of St. Petersburg eparchy. He designed buildings on Valaam, in the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius... more

The Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (Yastrebino Village, Volosovo Region)
The Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (Yastrebino Village, Volosovo Region). The original wooden church was built before 1500 in the Yastrebinsky Nikolsky Pogost, it was rebuilt during 1767-1769, in 1857 it was removed in the village of... more

Volosovo District
VOLOSOVO DISTRICT, a part of Leningrad Oblast. Area: 2680.5 sq. km. Population: 46,900. Adm. center: Volosovo Town. The district comprises Kikerino urban settlement, and 202 rural localities. It borders Kingisepp, Lomonosov, Gatchina, and Luga... more