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25 Oktyabrya Prospekt (25 October Prospekt)

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Gatchina Town

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Albreht, Karl Frantsevich (1807- 1863), a misician
ALBRECHT, Karl Frantsevich (1807–1863, Gatchina Town), violinist, composer, choirmaster, teacher. He was born in Prussia where he obtained musical education. In the period 1825-38 he worked as a violinist and a conductor at different choirs and... more

""Around the Corner", the Amateur People Theatre
“ZA UGLOM” (“ROUND THE CORNER”), popular theatre (1, 25 October avn.,Gatchina Town). Amateur theatre at Gatchina Town Centre of Social and Cultural Activities was founded in 1930. In 1961 the theatre acquired a status of a popular theatre. In 1989... more

Baikov, Aleksey Mikhaylovich (1791- 1854), an architect
Aleksey Mikhaylovich Baikov (1790-1854), an architect, a graduate of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1813). From 1816 he was an architect of the Gatchina Town Board, from 1843 he was an architect of the Gatchina palace board. During 40 years... more

Gatchina Palace -and - Park ensemble, the
The Gatchina Palace -and - Park ensemble. It is an architectural sight and garden-and -park monument of the 18-19th centuries of federal importance. The ensemble is included in the State Palace-and-Park and Art-and-Historic Culture Preserve... more

Gatchina Town Children Library, the
THE GATCHINA TOWN CHILDREN LIBRARY (Gatchina Town, No 8 Kirgetov Street). Founded in 1945. The library took over from Trotsk (Gatchiha Town) Uyezd Central Children Library that functioned in 1920s. The fund contains 52,000 storage units, with 6,000... more

Post stations
Post stations. On the post roads which were led from Saint-Petersburg to Yamburg, Moscow and Shlisselburg, since 1722 stage yards (post stations) with stables appeared which were at 20-30 versts distance in adapted peasant's log hut. When in 1785 in... more

The Lutheran Church of Sainted Hierach Nicholas (Gatchina Town)
The Lutheran Church of Sainted Hierach Nicholas (Gatchina Town, 61 25th October Prospekt). A Lutheran parish (mainly it was German parish) was founded in Gatchina in 1789. A wooden church was built in 1793; in 1827 on its place the stone church... more

Ushinsky, Konstantin Dmitriyevich (1824-1870), a teacher
Konstantin Dmitriyevich Ushinsky (1824-1870), a teacher, literary man.In 1844 Ushinsky graduated from the Department of Law of Moscow University.From 1846 to 1849 he was a professor at the Demidov Lyceum in Yaroslavl. Ushinsky earned money by... more