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Bolshoye Kuzemkino Village

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Kingisepp District

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Bolshoye Kuzyomkino, village
BOLSHOYE KUZYOMKINO (Finnish Narvusi), a village in Kingisepp District. Population: 961. It situated at the confluence of the Mertvitsa and the Luga. It was first mentioned in Swedish sources in 1614 (in July 2004, the 390th anniversary of its... more

Kingisepp District
KINGISEPP DISTRICT, a part of Leningrad Oblast. Population: 74,300, of which, 52,100 live in the adm. center Kingisepp Town. Area: 2842.1 sq. km. It has 191 rural settlements. It was established in 1927.It borders with Lomonosov, Volosovo, and... more

Kuzyemkino Rural Library, the
THE KUZYEMKINO RURAL LIBRARY (Bolshoe Kuzyemkino Village). In 1897 a peasant community reading library at Narova volost government, in the village of Kuzyemkino, was opened . After the revolution of 1917 the village reading room functioned... more

The Lutheran Church of St. Andrew (Bolshoye Kuzemkino Village, Kingisepp District)
The Lutheran Church of St. Andrew (Bolshoye Kuzemkino Village, the Kingisepp District). A Lutheran community was founded in 1640, from 1704 it was added to the Narva church of St. Michael. The first Church of St. Andrew was consecrated on 30... more