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Gorodets Village

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Luga District

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Fortified ancient settlements
Fortified ancient settlements (gorodishches), remains of fortified settlements protected with natural obstacles, ditches and banks. In the leningrad Oblast there are 30 fortified ancient settlements, they are mainly of cape type (15 of them are... more

Luga District
LUGA DISTRICT, municipal entity. Population: 44,600. Area: 5993.1 sq. km. Located in the south of Leningrad Oblast. In the west, it borders Slantsy District, in the north, Volosovo, Gatchina, and Tosno Districts of Leningrad Oblast; in the east,... more

POGOSTS, a term widely used in the 10th – 18th centuries to designate territorial divisions and settlements; its meaning changed with time. P. was the term for the centers of rural communities that paid tribute to the Prince; place of tribute ... more

The Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God (Gorodets Village, Luga District)
The Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God (Gorodets Village, the Luga District). A wooden single-domed Classicism style church with a two-tier bell tower and narthex (the architect P.S. Lukashevich) was built during 1838-1844 by Major-General... more