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Kamenka Village

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Luga District

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Dmitriyev, Nikolay Vsevolodovich (1856- 1918), an architect
Nikolay Vsevolodovich Dmitriyev (1856–1918), an architect, civil engineer, public man, businessman. He was a nobleman from the Simbirsk Gubernia. He graduated the St. Petersburg Building College in 1876. Among St. Petersburg buildings built by... more

Musorgsky, Modest Petrovich (1839-1881), a musician
MUSORGSKY, Modest Petrovich (1839–1881), composer. He spent his childhood in Karevo Village, Toropets Uyezd of the Pskov Gubernia, there he started to study music. He graduated from the School of warrant officers of the guard and cavalry cadets ... more