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Lvov, Nikolay Aleksandrovich

Literary man

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Borovikovsky, Vladimir Lukich (1757-1825), an artist
BOROVIKOVSKY, Vladimir Lukich (1757–1825), painter. He studied painting from his father, started with icon painting. In 1775 he took military service. Since 1788 he lived in St.Petersburg, where came into close contact with G.R. Derzhavin and N.A.... more

Country estates
Country estates. In the early 20th century on the territory of the modern Leningrad Oblast there were 2000 country estates. Mainly they appeared at one time with St. Petersburg. There were not many "Family nests" that belonged to one family and... more

Gatchina Palace -and - Park ensemble, the
The Gatchina Palace -and - Park ensemble. It is an architectural sight and garden-and -park monument of the 18-19th centuries of federal importance. The ensemble is included in the State Palace-and-Park and Art-and-Historic Culture Preserve... more

Lvov, Nikolay Aleksandrovich (1751 - 1803), an architect
Nikolay Aleksandrovich Lvov (1751 - 1803), an architect, engineer, artist, literary man, musician. In 1783 Lvov became the Russian Academy member and in 1786 he became an honorary member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. During 1770-1771 N.A.... more

Murino, settlement
MURINO, a settlement in Vsevolozhsk District. Population: 5000. Located near the border of St. Petersburg on the bank of the Okhta River, at Devyatkino railway station and Devyatkino underground station. The village has been known since the early... more

Post stations
Post stations. On the post roads which were led from Saint-Petersburg to Yamburg, Moscow and Shlisselburg, since 1722 stage yards (post stations) with stables appeared which were at 20-30 versts distance in adapted peasant's log hut. When in 1785 in... more

Priorate Palace, the
The Priorate Palace (the town of Gatchina, the Priorate Park) is the unique rammed-earth construction in sham Gothic style (1797-99, the architect N.A. Lvov), it is inseparably linked with the landscape of Black Lake and the Priorate Park. The... more

The Transfiguration Cathedral (Vyborg Town)
The Cathedral of the Transfiguration Christ (the town of Vyborg, 1 Teatralny Square). The decision about building a new Russian church was taken in summer 1783 during staying Empress Catherine II in the town of Vyborg. A draft was presumably done... more

The church of St. Catherine, the Great Martyr (Murino Village, Vsevolozhsk District)
The church of St. Catherine, the Great Martyr (the Vsevolozhsk District, Murino Village, 21 Kooperativnaya Street). The church was built during 1786-1790 in the estate of Murino of the Counts Vorontsovs in the memory about Countes Ye.A. Vorontsova... more