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Prokofyev, Aleksandr Andreyevich (1900-1971), a poet

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Alexandr Andreyevich Prokofyev (1900-1971),poet, Hero of Socialist Labour(1970).Не was born in Kobona village, Saint Petersburg's Gubernia in a family of Ladozhsky fisherman-peasant. He didn't get formal education.A member of Petrograd's defence in civil war,later he was in charge of garrison club in Novaya Ladoga. In 1922-30 he did the service in Cheka-GPU(State Political Administration).Started being published since 1919 in uyezd newspaper "Novoladozhskya Commune", since 1930 he became a professional literary man.Worked in the army press, cooperated with Leningrad periodicals,a member of literary group of magazine "Rezets", and other unions of proletarian writers.As an army journalist he took part in Russo-Finnish War (1939-1940).During Second World War he was a member of writers' union under political administration of Leningrad front. In 1945-48 and 1955-65 he was the head of writers' organization of Leningrad. A Stalin Prize (1946), a Lenin Prize (1961).Was buried in Bogoslovskoe cemetry, Leningrad. Prokofyev's archive is in IRLI ( Pushkin Dom) Russian Academy of Science, where his study was recreated. A.A. Prokofyev's museum was opened in the village school in Kobona (Kirovsk district)(place where he was born) and also erected a monument by M.K. Anikushkin.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Anikushin, Mikhail Konstantinovich
Prokofyev, Aleksandr Andreyevich

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