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"The Flower of Life", a memorial

Subject / Architecture/Sculpture, monuments, memorials

"The Flower of Life" is a memorial consisting of "The Great Belt of Glory" at the 3d km of "The Road of Life" in the valley of the Luppa River at the village of Kovalyevo of the Vsevolozhsk District. The Memorial includes the monument "The Flower of Life" (1968, architects P.I. Melnikov, A.D. Levenkov, the height of the monument is 15 m), the alley of Frandship (1970) and the funeral burial mound "The Diary of Tanya Savicheva" (1975, architects A.D. Levenkov, G.G. Fetisov). The monument was created in the memory of perished children - young heroes of Leningrad.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Fetisov, G.G.
Levenkov, Aleksandr Danilovich
Melnikov, Pavel Ivanovich
Savicheva, Tatyana

Leningrad Oblast, the/Vsevolozhsk District/Kovalevo Settlement
Topographical landmarks/Luppa River, the

Косточкин В.В. Поясом немеркнущей Славы: Монументы рубежей Ленинградского фронта. М., 1975, С. 44-50

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