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Volkhov District coat of arms and flag, the

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The Volkhov District's coat of arms and flag are the official approved symbols of the Municipal Union “Volhovskiy rayon” (the Volkhov District) (the coat of arms was approved with the decision of the Representative Assembly of the Municipal Union of 25 February 1998, No.7; the flag was approved with the decision of 31 March 1999, No.18). Heraldic description of the coat of arms: “Within the silver field there is a pine green top and a dark red rounded point of the triangle, with a silver trident”. Pines symbolize the timber resources of the district, the triangle symbolizes the mound “Olegova mogila” (“Oleg’s Grave”), hipped domes of the Staraya Ladoga Fortress, the silver trident symbolizes the junction of Ladoga Lake and the Volkhov, the Syas and the Pasha rivers. The flag is a rectangle sheet in the ratio of length to width 1:2. The flag is made on basis of the coat of arms. In the top part of the flag within the white field in the left corner the trident is depicted, the clearance width of the trident in the flag is 1/3 of the sheet length, in the right part of the flag there is a green top of the pine. . The coat of arms was registered in the State Heraldic Register of the Russian Federation, No.235 and the flag was registered under No. 450.

Tripolskaya, Anna Aleksandrovna

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