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Vyborg Gubernia, the

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VYBORG GUBERNIA, historic adm. and territorial unit of Russia and Finland. It occupied the northern part of the Karelian Isthmus, Northern Coast of Ladoga, south-east of the current Finland. In the Middle Ages, V. G. was the places of ethnogenesis of the Karels. After the Northern War of 1700-21, the lands of the Karelian Isthmus were given as donations to Russian nobility. V. G. was established in 1744 from Vyborg and Kexholm Provinces of St. Petersburg Gubernia (in the 17th century, Vyborg and Kexholm were fiefs of Sweden) and parts of the Swedish Finland annexed under the Abo Treaty of 1743. It consisted of the following uyezds: Vyborg, Willmanstrand, Kexholm, Nyslot, Serdobolsk, and Friedrichsham. In 1784, in the course of the gubernia reform of Catherine II, it was converted into Vyborg Governorship, and in 1796 into a gubernia again. In 1802-11 it was named Finland Gubernia (the basic population of V. G. was Finnish.) In 1811 it was transferred to the Grand Principality of Finland. This entailed fundamental changes in government and legislation (Finland was granted autonomy and retained the laws of the Swedish times) and emigration to Russia of some Russian residents, that had been formed since the early 18th century. In the early 20th century, V. G. consisted of nine uyezds (Stranda, Kymmene, Lappvesi, Jääski,, Äyräpää, Kexholm, Kronoborg, Serdobolsk, and Salmis), with a population of 455,000. After 1918, part of the independent Finland (within the former borders.) В 1940 after the Soviet-Finnish War, a vast part of V. G. went to the USSR and was given over to Karelo-Finnish Republic and Leningrad Oblast: Kanneljarvi, Koivisto, and Rautu Districts (currently the southern districts of Vyborg and Priozersk Districts) and Terijoki town (currently Zelenogorsk, a part of SPb.) In November 1944, the northern part of the Karelian Isthmus (Vyborg, Kexholm, and Jääski Districts.) Parts of the former V. G. belong to the Republic of Karelia (Lahdenpohja and Sortavala Districts) and to Finland.
See also: Eparchy of Vyborg and Finland, Eparchy of Korela.

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Catherine II, Empress

Historical Toponyms/Vyborg Gubernia/Euryapyassky Uyezd
Neighbouring Territories/Finland
Historical Toponyms/Finland Gubernia (Province)
Historical Toponyms/Vyborg Gubernia/Fridrikhsgamsky Uyezd
Historical Toponyms/Grand Principality of Finland
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Historical Toponyms/Vyborg Gubernia/Keksgolm Uyezd
Historical Toponyms/Vyborg Gubernia/Keksgolm Uyezd
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Historical Toponyms/Koyvisto District
Historical Toponyms/Vyborg Gubernia/Kronoborgsky Uyezd
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Historical Toponyms/Vyborg Gubernia/Kyumensky Uyezd
Neighbouring Territories/Karelian Republic/Lakhdenpokh'ya District
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Historical Toponyms/Vyborg Gubernia/Neyshlotsky Uyezd
Topographical landmarks/Priladozhye
Leningrad Oblast, the/Priozersk District
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Historical Toponyms/Vyborg Gubernia/Salmissky Uyezd
Historical Toponyms/Vyborg Gubernia/Serdobolsky Uyezd
Neighbouring Territories/Karelian Republic/Sortavala District
Historical Toponyms/Vyborg Gubernia/Strandassky Uyezd
Historical Toponyms/Vyborg Gubernia/Vilmanstrandsky Uyezd
Leningrad Oblast, the/Vyborg District
Historical Toponyms/Saint Petersburg Gubernia, the/Vyborg Province
Historical Toponyms/Vyborg Region under the rule of Governor-General
Historical Toponyms/Vyborg Gubernia/Vyborg Uyezd
Historical Toponyms/Yaskino District
Historical Toponyms/Vyborg Gubernia/Yaskissky Uyezd
Saint-Petersburg City/Zelenogorsk Town

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