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Merchants' Yards

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Gostinniye dvori - Merchants' yards. Numerous wooden shops and commodity stores, concentrated on market squares of gubernia uyezd towns, created threat of fires. For decreasing the threat and common accomplishment of towns since the 18th century stone mershants' yards were built. The first mershans' yard was constructed in the town of Yamburg. It was built, presumedly on the project of the architect A. Rinaldi according to the plan of the town building which was approved in 1784. He mershans' yard was being built at the same time with the Church of Catherine the Great Martyr and the office building. The complex consisted of four two-storeyd blocks with arcades on the ground floor was encircled an octagonal squuare. Decorating facades with Tuscan order pilasters, balustrades with vases placed along the edge of the roof incured the features of the architecture of baroque. Shops were placed in the ground floors, overstories were destined for flats. In 1819 two blocks in the west side of the square were rebuilt for a cotton-printing factory (the building was destroyed with high water in the early 20th century). During 1832-1835 two east blocks were rebuilt for barracks and auxiliary premises of the Tsaritsynsky regiment that rented flats in the town. At the same time between them a building of the regiment riding house in the classicism style were built (1836, according to the project of the architect A.E. Shtaubert). Building, hard destroyed during the World War II, were restored from 1952 till 1970. The Mershants' yard in the town of Novaya Ladoga was the biggest in the gubernia. It was built in 1835-1840 according the project of the gubernia architect N.F. Malinin. It is the complex consisting two U-shaped located stone one-storied blocks with arcades of 34 shops. The wooden houses were sided with them (these ones have not saved). Wings of mershants' yards were fronted onto the River Volkhov where fish shops were placed. In 1885 after the fire it was rebuilt by the architect M.A. Shchurupov. The building, damaged during the World War II, was restored in the 1970s according the project of architects A.A. Dragi, A.E. Ekk. In towns of Luga and Tikhvin buiding of mershants' yards of the 19th century were preserved, but after rebuildings they have lost their historic treasure.

Piryutko, Yuri Minayevich

Draga (Dragi), Aleksandr Adolfovich
Ekk, Albert Ernestovich
Malinin, N.F.
Rinaldi, Antonio
Shchurupov, Mikhail Arefyevich
Staubert, Aleksandr Yegorovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Luga District/Luga Town
Leningrad Oblast, the/Volkhov District/Novaya Ladoga Town
Leningrad Oblast, the/Tikhvin District/Tikhvin Town
Topographical landmarks/Volkhov River, the
Historical Toponyms/Yamburg Town

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