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Vartemyaki, a country estate

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Vartemyaki, a country estate (the village of Vartemyaki, the Vsevolozhsk district). A grange on the River Okhta bank was granted by Catherine I to Major-General I.M. Shuvalov, the governor Vyborg, in 1726. The estate was stared to build under his grandson Count Shuvalov which had owned Vartemyaki since 1789 and after his retiring in 1801 he permanently lived there. The wooden manor house and service buildings were placed in the park which stretched along Keksgolm Road (now it is Priozersk Road). On the hill's top P.A. Shuvalov's inheritors built St. Sophia and her Doughters Faith, Hope and Love Church (1826-1840, the architect D.I. Viskonti) which became the family burial-vault of the estate owners. In the second quarter of the 19th century under Count A.P. Shuvalov the new estate manor house and stone service buildings were built (the architect P.S. Sadovnikov). The estate area was enlarged in 3 times, the landscape paek was re-planned. A stream flowing into the River Okhta was dammed up, a large lake was made, on the shore a greenhouse was built. A.V. Shuvalova, the last owner of Vartemyaki, buried her husband near the church and over his grave a chapel was built (1906). Wooden estate buldings were not preserved, stone buildings are used as dwellings. The church, chapel, twq houses and post office (in 1993) and a part of the park (in 2002) were passed to the town church of the convent of St. John. Parishioners of St. Sophia and her Doughters Faith, Hope and Love Church (it was restored in 1996) go to the chuch along a spruce alley built from Keksgolm Road in the 1840s.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Catherine I, Empress
Sadovnikov, Pyotr Semyonovich
Shuvalov, Andrey Petrovich
Shuvalov, Ivan Maksimovich
Shuvalov, Pavel Pavlovich, Count
Shuvalov, Pyotr Andreyevich, Count
Shuvalova, Aleksandra Illarionovna, Countess
Visconti, David Ivanovich

Historical Toponyms/Keksgolm road
Topographical landmarks/Okhta River, the
Leningrad Oblast, the/Vsevolozhsk District/Vartyemyagi Village

Мурашова Н.В. Сто дворянских усадеб Санкт-Петербургской губернии: Исторический справочник. СПб., 2005., 40-44

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The Church of Sts. Martyrs Faith, Hope, Love and their Mother Sophia (Vartemyagi Village, Vsevolozhsk District)
The Convent of St. John

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