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Monrepo, a country estate

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Monrepo, a country estate (the town of Vyborg, on the coast of the Zashchitny Bay of the Gulf of Vyborg in the northern part of Tverdysh Island). The park creating on the island started in 1760 when the land became the estate of the Vyborg Commandant P.A. Stupishin. Forestless cliffs were covered with fertile land layer for it and broad-leaved trees were planted. The estate name (from Mon repos (French) - "My rest") was given by the new owner Prince Friedrich Württembergs, the governor-general of Vyborg during 1784-1788. Under him the wooden manor-house was built and works were continued in the park. In 1788 the President of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences A.L. Nikolai becane the owner of the estate. A.L. Nikolai was spending in Monrepo 17 last years of his life and was buried in the family crypt. Under the next owner P.A. Nikolai, a diplomat, in the 1820-30s the estate of Monrepo reached the prosperity. Decorative constructions (about 70 one ) were built , they adorned the ensemble (in particular the granite obelisk on a rock). The manor-house was rebuilt in the Russian classicism style according to the project of J. Martinelli in 1820. In the central lounge there was the 56-meter pictorial plafond "Mars I Venera" (Mars and Venus" which was painted by an unknown Italian artist of the 18th century (the plafont was stealed in the early 1970s); the painting, sculpture and arm collection was famous. The unique library included 9 thousand of books was placed in the outhouse (now it is the Helsinki University). The rare combining of the sea landscapes, rocky bays and decorative constructions attracted many judges into Monrepo. M.V. Severgin, A.P. Kern, Ya.K. Grot and many others wrote about Monrepo. Among the retained sights there is the wooden Gothic gate (It was built in 1830, the architect K. Engel, it was restored in 1982), the Lyudvigshtain Castle on the island, the Temple of Neptune (it was built in the 1820s, the architect A.I. Stakenschneider, it was restored in the 1990s), the spring "Narcissus", the column of Paul I. In 1944 a military hospital was placed in Monrepo, in the late 1940s in Monrepo there was a Rest House, during 1966-1988 the estate of Monrepo was used as the town park. Began in 1973 work on restoration of the manor-house has not been completed. Since 1988 the estate has been the State History, Architecture and Nature Museum Reservation "The Park of Monrepo".

Piryutko, Yuri Minayevich

Wurtemberg, Prince Alexander-Friedrich von
Engel, Karl Ludwigovich
Grot, Yakov Karlovich
Kern, Anna Petrovna
Martinelli, J.A.
Nikholai, P.I.
Nikholai, Andrey Lvovich (Henrich Ludwig)
Severgin, Vasily Mikhaylovich
Stakenschneider, Andrey Ivanovich
Stupishin, Pyotr Alekseyevich

Topographical landmarks/Protection Bay, the
Topographical landmarks/Tverdysh Island
Leningrad Oblast, the/Vyborg District/Vyborg Town

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