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Nadbelye, a country estate

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Nadbelye, a country estate (the village of Nadbelye, the Luga district). It has been known as the estate of the Vyndomskys. In the early 19th century the estate passed on to Ye.M. Begicheva. Since 1840 P.I. Dashkova became the owner of the estate. Under her the new wooden manor-house and service constructions (coach-houses, a mill, an ice-house, a cattle-yard) were built in the estate and a park was laid out. In the 1870s the new stone building with terraces, balconies and high attic was built on the place of the old manor-house. Till 1917 the estate belonged to the Dashkovs, after the revolution it was nationalised. In the 20th century the service constructions were used by the local kolkhoz. On the present days the manor-house, water tower, couch-house are in good conditions. The park has not been intacted.

Karpenko, Irina Aleksandrovna

Begicheva, Yekaterina Mikhaylovna
Dashkova (nee Begicheva), Pavla Ivanovna
Dashkovs, the
Vyndomskys, the

Leningrad Oblast, the/Luga District/Nadbelye Village

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