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Utesheniye, a country estate

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Utesheniye, a country estate (the village of Utesheniye, the Kingisepp district). In the 18th century these lands were a part of the Koporye patrimonial estate of A.D. Menshikov. In 1730 Empress Anna Ioannovna granted a part of the estate (the grange of Kotelskaya) to Major I.I. Albrekht. During 150 years the lands devolved up on spear side. In 1805 the spouses E.K. and I.L. Albrekht redeemed the village of Ratchino from the Razumovskys abd built an estate there. The estate was named "Utesheniye" ("The Comforting") in the connection with the family woe: in the 1830s at first the Albrekhts' elder son died, then the daughter-in-law died. The estate was located in the silent remote place. The large lake made with using the dam on the river Suma became the centre of the estate composition. The English Gothic style manor-house was located on the height, the view to the lake was opened from windows. On either side of the manor-house there were service constructions, to the east from them there were greenhouses, to the west from them gardens and kitchen gardens were placed. In 1859 the estate passed into the ownership of Ye.K. Truveller. Under her the estate was named Lilino. In the early 20th century the manor-house was reequipped for a hospital. At the present time the house with adjacent territory was leased. After the completion of restoration works it is planned to open a private health centre there.

Karpenko, Irina Aleksandrovna

Albrecht, Ermina Karlovna
Albrecht, Ivan Lvovich
Anna Ivanovna, Empress
Menshikov, Aleksandr Danilovich, Highness Prince
Truweller, Yekaterina Karlovna

Topographical landmarks/Suma River, the
Leningrad Oblast, the/Kingisepp District/Utesheniye Village

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