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The Gatchina yown cemetery (the town of Gatchina, Solodukhin Street). The first town cemetery founded at the Gatchina Posad in the second half of the 18th century, was not intacted. It was located in the town boundaries, and in 1849 the decision about its transfer was made. The land for being cemetery was allocated behind the village of Maloye Gatchino in 1851. A cemetery plot (50x50 sazhens for persons of non-Orthodox religions and small Old Believers' cemetery adjoined the Orthodox cemetery (100x100 sazhens (1 sazhen = 213sm) in the east. In 1888 the plot of the military cemetery was joined, the Church of All Saints (it was built in 1888-1889 according to the project of N.V. Dmitriyev). Architects A.M. Baikov, L.F. Shperer, artists P.E. Shcherbov, A.K. Beggrov, the arctic pilot B.G. Chukhnovsky, the writer I.S. Sokolv-mikitov, the historian of the local lore T.S. Zvanskaya ond others were buried in the town cemetery. There are monuments to the Heroes of the Soviet Union V.N. Grechishkin and A.I. Peregudov, the memorial to Heroes of the Great Patriotic War (it was built in 1975 on the sculptur A.A. Korolyuk's project).

Piryutko, Yuri Minayevich

Baikov, Aleksey Mikailovich
Beggrov, Aleksandr Karlovich
Chukhnovsky, Boris Grigoryevich
Dmitriyev, Nikolay Vsevolodovich
Grechishkin, Victor Nikolayevich
Korolyuk, Aleksey Alekseyevich
Peregudov, Aleksey Ivanovich
Schperer, Ludwig Frantsevich
Shcherbov, Pavel Yegorovich
Sokolov-Mikitov, Ivan Sergeyevich
Zvanskaya, Tatyana Solomonovna

Historical Toponyms/Maloye Gatchino Village
Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Gatchina Town/Solodukhin Street

Пирютко Ю. М. Гатчина: Художественные памятники города и окрестностей. 2-е изд., испр. и доп. Л., 1979, С.86-87

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The Church of All Saints (Gatchina Town)

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