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Theatre of Satire in Vasilyevsky Island

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TEATR SATIRY NA VASILIEVSKOM (“SATIRE THEATRE ON VASILIEVSKY ISLAND”) (48, Sredniy av. VO, SPb), founded on the 1st of September 1989. Promoter – the Leningrad Oblast Executive Committee of the Deputy Council. Founder and unchallenged creative director and producer is V.D. Slovokhotov. Repertoire includes Russian and foreign pieces of classical literature, modern drama; the theatre stages drama and comedies, tragedies and classical melodrama, philosophical parables and plays for children. Traditional theatre forms are combined with dramatic experiment and unique stage concepts. Directors who worked in different periods of time or still work in the theatre are as follows: V.A. Tumanov,R.G. Viktyuk, R.L. Gabriadze, A.M. Bairamkulov, A. Yankovskiy, O. Sologubov, S. Svir’ko, A. Rostovskiy; actors and actresses: A.N. Shuranova, V.P. Kovel, A.Y. Khochinskiy, V.V. Osobik, Y.L. Itskov, P.V. Konopchyuk, N.I. Kutasova, T.K. Malyagina, T.G. Bashlakova, D.D. Yevstafiev, N.L. Zhivoderova, A.N. Levit, S.V. Lysov, Y.A. Rakhlenko, V.P. Shubin, Y.V. Dyatlov, A.V. Tsypin, Y.G. Dzherbinova, L.G. Makeeva, etc. The theatre regularly gives performances in the towns and villages of the Leningrad Oblast, tours Russia and the near and far abroad. Its best works were awarded prizes “Triumf” (“Triumph”), “Zolotaya Maska” (“Golden Mask”), “Zolotoiy Sofit” (“Golden Projector”). From 2002 an annual International festival “Teatral’ny Ostrov” (“Theatre Island”) is held on the initiative of the theatre, it also organized Modern Drama Workshops. The building housing the theatre was built for the public audience by V.N. von Dervis (1897-98; architect A.F. Krasovsky).

Dmitriyeva, Natalya Vladimirovna

Gabriadze, Revaz Levanovich
Khochinsky, Aleksandr Yuryevich
Krasovsky, Aleksandr Fyodorovich
Osobik, Vladimir Vasilyevich
Shuranova, Antonina Nikolayevna
Slovokhotov, V.D.
Tumanov, V. A.
Viktyuk, Roman Grigoryevich

Культура Ленинградской области на рубеже тысячелетий. СПб., 2003, С. 33-34
Театр Сатиры на Васильевском. URL:, С. 33-34

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