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Vyborg Cultire Society named after Emil Sivori

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“VYBORGSKOYE OBSCHESTVO” (“VYBORG TOWN CULTURE SOCIETY ”), named after Emil Sivori (17, Fizkul’turnaya str., Vyborg Town). It was founded in 1990 and bears a name of a Finnish ethnographer and composer E. Sivori who founded Finnish Culture Society in Vyborg Town more than 100 years ago. The aims of Vyborg Town Culture Society are as follows: preservation and development of culture traditions, progress of gifted people and their support. Special attention is paid to the work with young people. The Society is an organizer and participant of different activities and programmes including a folk festival for children from the Baltic countries “Runa Baltii” (“Baltic Rune”) (in 1989-2003), the international puppet theatres festival (in 1995-97). The Society works on expansion and consolidation of friendship and creative relationships with Finland. In 2004-05 they carried out a cooperative project “Vzaimodeistvie – Klyuch k Uspekhu” (“Cooperation is a Key to Success”) dedicated to exchange of experience in the work with young people. With an active assistance of the Society a group of adults from Vyborg Town was sent to Kouola Town for free learning of Finnish.

Ustinova, Anita Yakovlevna

Sivori, Emil

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Leningrad Oblast, the/Vyborg District/Vyborg Town/Fizkul'turnaya Street

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