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Uhannus, a festival

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UHANNUS, festivity. This festivity is well known among the Finns from pre-Christian times, it was celebrated on the day of Summer Solstice (the Day of Ivan – Finnish Uhannus). The Luthran church celebrates Uhannus on June 24th (public street festivities are held on the eve of Uhannus). In ХIХ c. Uhannus was transformed into a singing festivity. On the territory of the St.Petersburg Gubernia the festivity of Ingermanland Finns was first held in 1899 in Pudost Settlement on the initiative of composer M. Putro. Before 1918 seven festivities were held. On the Territory of the Leningrad Oblast this tradition was revived in 1989, the organizer was a Finnish Social Organization “Inkerin Liitto”. The first festivity was held in Koltushi Village, about 5 thousand people took part in the festivity. Uhannus is regularly held in different Finnish Centres: on the Kirkhgof Mountain (Lomonosov District), near Skvoritsi Church (Gatchina District), near the Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul (in Toksovo Settlement , Vsevolozhsk District), in Koltushi Village and in St.Petersburg. The festivity programme includes performances of amateur groups. Actors represent different Ingria parishes and are dressed in folk clothes. Children’s contests and crafts fairs are also held. In the evening a fire – “Kokko” is made. Guests from different districts of the Leningrad Oblast as well as from Sweden, Estonia and Finland visit the festivity.

Illarionova, Irina Nikolayevna

Putro, Mooses

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