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RADIO.Broadcasting from Saint Petersburg, where it first began, expanded their services into the territory of modern Leningrad oblast with the establishment of high-powered transmitting devices.Regular broadcasts have begun since the beginning of 1920-s.At first there was broadcasting of educational and also propagandistic lectures, radionewspapers, speeches.In 1930-s the genres such as radioshows, radiofilms appeared, musical and theatrical plays were broadcasted. In 1929-37 there was also regular broadcasting in Finnish, Latvian, Estonian and German.Until the beginning of 1990-s the department of broadcasting of Leningrad oblast didn't exist, there were some radio stations and editorial staff of radioprogrammes in some districts under supervision of Leningrad Committee of Lenoblgorispolkoms' television and radio broadcasting. In 1993 government radio station of Leningrad Oblast «GARDARICA» was founded(vide «GARDARICA» Radio House).At present over twenty local(district and town)municipal or private editorial offices are registered that broadcast radio programmes using their own or other radiostations' wavelengths or frequencies: the department of radiobroadcasting of newspaper "New Way"("Novii Put")(Boksitogorsk District), «Radio Herald» («Radiovestnik») (Volosovo District), «Volkhov-Contact» (Volkhov District), «Vsevolozhsk» (Vsevolozhsk District), «Vyborgskoye radio» (Vyborgsk District), «Vuoksa» (Svyatogorsk Town), «The Voice of Kamennogorsk» (Kamennogorsk Town), «The Radio of Gatchina» (Gatchina District), «Viking» (village Verevo of Gatchina District), «The Radio of Kingisepp» (Kingisepp District), «The Radio of Kirishi» (Kirishi District), «New Channel» (Kirovsk District), «Lodya» (Lodeynoye Pole District), «Luga Is Speaking» (Luga District), «The Radio of Pikalevo» (Pikalevo Town), «Prisvirye» (Podporozhye District), «The Radio of Priozersk » (Priozersk District), «Tera» и «Baltic Shore» (Sosnovii Bor Town), «The Radio of Tikhvin» (Tikhvin District), «Tosno» (Tosno District), «Mix» (Luga District), «Slantsi Town Radio» (Slantsi Town) etc. Local radio stations mainly broadcasts social and political programmes on economic and social and cultural development of their regions. In-depth information about local news, stories about people living nearby always attract the audience of these districts.

Ansberg, Olga Nikolayevna

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