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Lvov, Nikolay Aleksandrovich (1751 - 1803), an architect

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Nikolay Aleksandrovich Lvov (1751 - 1803), an architect, engineer, artist, literary man, musician. In 1783 Lvov became the Russian Academy member and in 1786 he became an honorary member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. During 1770-1771 N.A. Lvov was taught at the school at the Life Guards Izmailovsky Regiment. He served at the Life Guards Preobrazhensky Regiment from 1771 to 1775, at the Foreign Affairs Collegium from 1776-1781, at the Central Administrative Board of Post Offices from 1782 to 1797. The Nevsky Gate of the Peter and Paul Fortress (1784-1787), The Post Office building (1782-1797), the Church of the Holy Trinity (1785-1790) and other buildings were built according to Lvov's projects in St. Petersburg. He was the author of the religious constructions in Mogilyev and Torzhok, estates in the Tver, Novgorod and Moscow Gubernias. N.A. Lvov was a founder of the landscape style in the Russian landscape architecture. Lvov's interests were various and they were reflected in his works. He wrote poems, comic opera libretti, translated works by Anacreon, Sapho, Francesco Petrarca, Andrea Palladio and others. Lvov was the first architect of Gatchina Town, where according to his projects the Priorate Palace (1797-1799), the rammed-earth amphitheatre in the Palace Park (1797), the cascade with a sluice and the Cascade Bridge on the Kolpanka River (1797-1799; it was not intacted) were built. He designed the Church of St. Catherine, Great Martyr in Murino, the estate of A.R. Vorontsov (1785-1790; now it is the settlement of Murino of Vsevolozhsk district), and The Transfiguration Cathedral in Vyborg Town (1784-1788; the builder is I. Brokman).

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Brockmann, Johann
Lvov, Nikolay Aleksandrovich
Palladio Andrea (the real name was di Pietro)
Petrarca, Francesco
Vorontsov, Aleksandr Romanovich, Count

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