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Melnikov, Pavel Petrovich (1804-1880), an architect

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Pavel Petrovich Melnikov (1804-1880, Lyuban Town), an engineer, state figyre. He graduated from the Moscow Noble Boarding School in 1820 and the St. Petersburg Institute of Railway Engineers Corps in 1825, where he was a teacher and a professor from 1833. He taught at the Artillery College too. In 1839 P.P. Melnikov and N.O. Kraft were sent to the USA for studing the railways building technology. He was the author of the project and a head of the railway Petersburg - Moscow building (from 1855 - Nikolayevskaya Railway). He was an honorary member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1858) and a member of the State Council (from 1863). From 1862 he became the Chief Manager of Railways. During 1866-1869 he was the first Russian Ministry of railways. P.P. Melnikov was the founder of the scientific and technical subject "Mechanics of Railway Transport". In 1867 in Lyuban Railway Station Melnikov built the Church od SS Peter and Paul, Apostles. It was built in honour of the Nikolayevskaya Railway builders. In Lyuban Melnukov built a school, alms-house, orphanage. Melnikov bequeathed his capital to the orphanage. From 1869 Melnikov lived in Lyuban, where he died and was buried under the altar of the church. The bust of P.P. Melnikov (made by the sculptor D.M. Yepifanov) was installed in the public garden in Lyuban railway Station in 1955.

Kruzhnov, Yuri Nikolayevich

Kraft, Nikolay Osipovich
Melnikov, Pavel Petrovich
Yepifanov, Dmitry Mikhailovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Tosno District/Lyuban Town

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