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Rinaldi, Antonio (ca. 1709 - 1794), an architect

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Antonio Rinaldi (ca. 1709 - 1794), an architect. He originated from italy. From 1752 Rinaldi served under the Hetman of Malaya Russia K.G. Razumovsky (he designed and built in towns of Baturin, Glukhov, Kozelets, Pochep). From 1754 he worked in St. Petersburg as the architect of Grand Duke Petr Fedorovich. During the reign of Emperor Petr Fedorovich Rinaldi was the court architect. Rinaldi built many buildings in Oraniyenbaum (the palace of Petr III, the Chinese Palace, the Orlovsky Gate and others) and St. Petersburg (the Marble Palace, the Cathedral of the Grand Prince St. Vladimir, the Roman-Catholic church of St. Catherine the Great Martyr, the Bolshoi Theatre). During 1764-1783 Rinaldi built the Church of St. Catherine the Great Martyr in Yamburg Town (now it is Kingisepp Town). He led the construction of the Gatchina palace-and-park at the first stage (till 1783). According to his projects during 1766-1781 the Gatchina Palace was built, the park was laid out, the Chesma Column, the column of Eagle, the Mozinsky Gate were constructed; the Octahedral well and the Grotto "Echo" were decorated. In 1784 Rinaldi was returned to Italy.

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