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Sadovnikov, Pyotr Semyonovich (1796 - 1877), an architect

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Pyotr Semyonovich Sadovnikov (1796 - 1877), an architect. He was V.S. Sadovnikov's brother. He descended from serves of the Prince Golitsin. P.S. Sadovnikov learned from A.N. Voronikhin, graduated incomplete course of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1814-1816). During 1817-1845 P.S. Sadovnikov was the family architect of the Counts Stroganovs. In 1830 he was liberated from serfdom and in 1838 he got the title of a free artist of the Academy of Arts (1849). During 1857-1863 Sadovnikov was an architect of the Stable department. P.S. Sadovnikov's independent creative work started from building several houses and a stone church in Gorodnya (Kaliga Oblast), the estate of the Golitsins. He built the palace and park ensemble in the estate of Count Orlov in Strelna (1833-1839), the building of the Stable Museum in St. Petersburg (1857-1860) and other constructions. He built more then 15 constructions (including the Church Of the Holy Trinity) and remade interiors of the manor-house in the estate Maryino (see the article: Maryino). Pyotr Semyonovich Sadovnikov died in St. Petersburg and was buried in the Volkovskoye Orthodox cemetery.

Chekanova, Olga Aleksandrovna

Orlov, Aleksey Fyodorovich
Sadovnikov, Pyotr Semyonovich
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Stroganovs, the
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Voronikhin, Andrey Nikiforovich

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