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Starov, Ivan Yegorovich (1745 - 1808), an architect

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Ivan Yegorovich Starov (1745 - 1808), an architect, a founder of the Russian classicism style. He learned at the St.Petersburg Academy of Arts, continued the education in France and Italy. In 1769 Starov became an academician and from 1794 he became the adjunct principal of the Academy of Arts. During 1772-1774 he was the chief architect of the St. Petersburg Commission for Stone Building. The most significant constructions of Starov: Tavrichesky Palace (1783-1789) and the Holy Trinity Cathedral at the Alexander Nevski Monastery (1776-1790). From 1774 to the 1780s near St> Petersburg Starov built two estates for brothers of his wife, nee Demidova: Taitsi for A.G. Demidov and Sivoritsi for P.G. Demidov. The estates' manor-houses became the architectural model for numerous imitations. During 1785-1789 according to Starov's project a country palace of Catherine II, the new grand ensemble in Pella, was built on the River Neva left bank (the palace was annihilated on the order of Paul I). At the same time on the opposite bank the palace of G.A. Potyemkin was being built in Ostrovki Village (see the article: Ostrovki, palace).

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Catherine II, Empress
Demidov, Aleksandr Grigoryevich
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Potemkin, Grigory Aleksandrovich, Highness Prince of Taurida
Starov, Ivan Yegorovich

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