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Storozhensky St. Nicholas Monastery of St. Cyprian

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The Storozhensky St. Nicholas Monastery of St. Cyprian (the village of Storozhno, the Volkhov district). The middle of the 16th century is considered the time of the foundation of the monastery on the Storozhensky Cape of the Zagubsky Peninsula. Venerable Cyprianus, a former pirate who pirated in Ladoga Lake, gave up his former activities and was professed and founded a monastery in honour of the patron of seafarers St. Nicholas on the place of the pirate den. It is probably, under Venerable Cyprianus the two-storeyed three-altar stone cathedral os St. Nicholas the Wonderworker was built on the lake shore. The church is archaic and looks like a fortress construction. It is rectangular in the plan, there are no altar apsis. It is almost devoid of decoration, boulders are used in coarse masonry. In the lower warm floor there was the chapel of the Dormition, in the upper cold floor there was the church of St. Nicholas and the church of the Baptismof Our Lord. The church is connected with one-pier refectory. Over the burial place of Venerable Cyprianus the chapel was raised near the church, one more chapel was devoted to St. Nicholas. The monastery was mentioned in a Scribe Book of the Onega Pyatina of !582-1583, it owned estates in the Khristorozhdestvensky Pashsky Pogost. The monastery was fortified observation post for the confrontation to Swedes; in 1587 and 1598 the monastery was exempted from taxes , it shows the significance of the monastery. The monastic village (Storozhki) was arised nearby, the village inhabitants as the brethern carried on fishing. In 1718 the parish was organized in the nearest village of Zagubye with the wooden church of Our Saviour and the Transfiguration of Christ, the church was consecrated by the monastery superior. In 1778 the monastery was closed and the church become the parish one; in 1883 it was attached to the church in the village of Zagubye. In 1910 the bell tower, porch and outdoor wooden stairs. In 1914 the church was researched by N.I. Repnikov. It was closed in 1930, rebuilt in 1939 then it was used as a warehouse. The inner decoration as well as the bulbous dome crowned the church and both chapels were lost. In 1999 the church was attached to the church of the Resurrection of Christ in the village of Nadkopanye; the first liturgy was performed in 2001.

Bertash, Aleksandr Vitalyevich

Kiprian Storozhensky, St.
Repnikov, Nikolay Ivanovich

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