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Engel, Karl Ludwigovich


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Engel, Karl (1778 - 1840), an architect
Engel, Karl Lyudvigovich (Karl Ludvig) (1778 - 1840), an architect, town-planner. He was originated from Germany. He graduated from the Academy of Architecture in Berlin. Engel worked in Abo (Turku) and Helsingfors (Helsinki). From 1825 he was in... more

Monrepo, a country estate
Monrepo, a country estate (the town of Vyborg, on the coast of the Zashchitny Bay of the Gulf of Vyborg in the northern part of Tverdysh Island). The park creating on the island started in 1760 when the land became the estate of the Vyborg... more

The Dominican Monastery
The Dominican Monastery(the town of Vyborg, 13 Vyborgskaya Street). In 1318 the wooden Dominican church was in Vyborg. In 1392 the construction of the Dominican Monastery of Black Brother was begun; in 1471-1481 the new stone cathedral was... more