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Shishkin, Ivan Ivanovich (1832 - 1898), an artist

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SHISHKIN, Ivan Ivanovich (1832–1898), an artist. He lived in St.Petersburg since 1852 and studied in the Academy of Fine Arts in the period 1856-60, his teacher was S.M. Vorobyev. In the period 1862-65 Shishkin lived in Germany, Switzerland and France receiving education grant from the Academy of Fine Arts. In 1865 he became an academician of the Academy of Fine Arts. Since 1873 he worked as a professor of landscape studio at the Academy of Fine Arts, in the period 1894-95 he was a supervisor of the studio. Shishkin was a founder and a member of Itinerants (association of mobile art exhibitions). He was one of the greatest masters of Russian landscape. Besides his paintings, he created hundreds of engravings and etchings. Shishkin died in St.Petersburg and was buried in Smolenskoye Orthodox Cemetery, later his remains were moved to the Necropolis of Arts Masters in Alexander Nevsky Laura. In 1850s Shishkin several times visited St.Petersburg suburbs to paint rough sketches. In the periods 1858-60, 1867, 1878 during the voyage to Valaam Island he painted landscapes in Vyborg Town suburbs. Since 1870s Shishkin often stayed in Luga Town suburbs where he worked a lot in the open air. In the summer 1872 he rented a country house in Ilzho Village with I.N. Kramskoy and K.A. Savitsky, where he painted his pictures “Polden” (“Midday”), “Prud v Starom Parke” (“A Pool in the Old Park”), “Lesnaya Glush” (“The Thick of the Forest”). In the period 1847-92 from time to time Shishkin rented country houses in Vyra Village (his first wife O.A. Lagoda-Shishkina is buried in the cemetery in Rozhdestveno Village) and in Siversky Urban Settlement. There he painted his pictures “Sosny, Osveshchennye Solndtsem” (“Sunlit Pine Trees”), “Korabelnaya Roshcha” (“Ship Timber Grove”), “Yelovy Les” (“Fir Forest”). In the summers 1896 and 1897 Shishkin lived in “Dubky” (“Oaklets”) estate near Preobrazhenskaya Railway Station (modern Tolmachevo Urban Village), where he painted a picture “Melnitsa v Lesy na Stantsiy Preobrazhenskaya” (“Mill in the Forest at Preobrazhenskaya Railway Station”). In 1897 Shishkin bought a plot for a country house, but he had no time to build it.

Kruzhnov, Yuri Nikolayevich

Kramskoi, Ivan Nikolayevich
Lagoda- Shishkina, Olga Antonovna
Savitsky, Konstantin Apollonivich
Shishkin, Ivan Ivanovich
Vorobyov, Socrat Maksimovich

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