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Shchedrin, Semyon Fedyorovich (1745 - 1804), an artist

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SHCHEDRIN, Semyon Fedorovich (1745–1804), an artist. In the period 1759-67 he studied engraving, ornamental sculpture and landscape design at St.Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts. In the period 1767-76 he lived in Germany, Holland,Italy and France receiving education grant from the Academy of Fine Arts. Since 1776 Shchedrin worked as a teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts, he was a first professor of a new landscape class. Since 1799 he supervised a class of landscape engraving, among his students one can find S.F. Galaktionov, A.G. Ukhtomsky. In 1779 Shchedrin became an academician, in 1798 he became a pro-rector of the Academy of Fine Arts. Shchedrin was one of the founders of Russian school of landscape painting. Since 1780s he worked on restoration of Hermitage paintings. Shchedrin is an author of St.Petersburg landscapes and landscapes of its suburban palaces and parks. In 1790s he spent a lot of time in Gatchina Town in A.G. Demidov’s estate Taytsi and P.G. Demidov’s estate Sivoritsi. Shchedrin is an author of landscapes “Vid na Gatchinsky Dvorets s Dlinnogo Ostrova” (“A View of Gatchina Palace from a Long Island”), “Gatchinsky Park” (“Gatchina Park”), “Kamenny Most v Gatchine u Ploshchady Konnetablya” (“A Stone Bridge in Gatchina Town Near the Constable’s Square”), “Vid v Okrestnostyakh Peterburga” (“A View of St.Petersburg Suburbs”) (Taytsi Park), “Vid v Usadbe P.G. Demidova Sivoritsi pod Peterburgom” (“A View of P.G. Demidov’s Estate Sivoritsi in St. Petersburg Suburbs”) (all the pictures painted in 1790s). Shchedrin was buried in Smolenskoye Orthodox Cemetery in St.Petersburg, later his remains were moved to Necropolis of Arts Masters in Alexander Nevsky Laura.

Kruzhnov, Yuri Nikolayevich

Demidov, Aleksandr Grigoryevich
Demidov, Pavel Grigoryevich
Galaktionov, Stepan Filippovich
Shchedrin, Semyon Fedorovich
Ukhtomsky, Andrey Grigoryevich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Gatchina Town

История русского искусства. Т. I. М., 1991., 186-187

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