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The Kostel of the Mother of God of Mount Carmel

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The Kostel of the Mother of God of Mount Carmel (the town of Gatchina, 29 Uritskogo Street). The first Catholic chapel was built in Gatchina in 1800. 586 Catholics lived in Gatchina in 1843. In 1887 the chapel was built for Catholics (it was survived until the late 1930s). In 1906 the design of the stone church was approved (architect L.P. Shishko). The constructing work was continued until 1908 and the decoration work was continued until 1911. Kostel was devoted to the Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel (Palestine). It was consecrated by Bishiop Ioann Tseplyak on 13 November 1911 and was attached to the Cathedral of St Catherine in Saint Petersburg. There were 2100 men in the parish in 1915. The chapel of Apostle Peter in the village of Siverskaya, the chapel of St Joseph in the village of Vyritsa, the chapel in the village of Taitsy, the chapel in the Dvinskaya station, the chapel in the Abramovoy Vasteland at the Novinka station of the Luga District were attached to the Kostel. The Kostel was closed in December 1922 – July 1923. Priest Vladislav Chegis, the dean of the Kostel (1919-1931), was arrested in 1931. The Kostel did not work from 1937, it was closed according to the decree of the Presidium of the Executive Committee of the Leningrad Oblast of 15 January 1939. The kostel building was adapted for a bakery. The Kostel was seriously damaged during WWII , the kostel building was adapted for the joiner workshop and garage after the war. In 1992 the Catholic parish was re -organized in Gatchina. In 1994 the Kostel was returned to parishioners in the half-ruined condition, from 1995 the religious services are performed. The restoration work is done.

Shkarovsky, Mikhail Vitalyevich

Chegis, Vladislav Antonovich
Shishko, Lev Petrovich
Tseplyak, Ian (Johann) Hyacinth, archbishop

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