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Plyussa River, the

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PLYUSSA, river. Flows in Pskov Oblast and in Slantsi District of Leningrad Oblast. Length: 281 (according to other data, 295) km. Catchment area: 6,500 sq. km. Flow rate: 50 cu. m/s. It flows out of Lake Zaplyusye (Zaimosskoye) and into the Narva Reservoir (see Narova River.) The main tributaries are Kushelka and Ruya (in Leningrad Oblast), Paguba, and Verduga (in Pskov Oblast.) The origin of the toponym is not clear (according to one of the versions, it is traceable to the Old Baltic “plysis” = sedge.) In its lower reach it is navigable, its banks are marshy and overgrown with alder and aspen trees. In the P. basin in Leningrad Oblast, several medieval sepulchrum burial mounds have been found. In 1926-27, shale deposits were discovered near Bolshiye Polya village, between P. and the Luga River. Slantsi Town is located at the place of their development on the banks of P. The river is popular with canoe boating fans.

Tripolskaya, Anna Aleksandrovna

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