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Ropshinsky Canal, the

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ROPSHA CANAL (Old Peterhof Canal), a part of the Peterhof fountain water passage that is the gravity hydraulic system. It originates on the Ropsha Hills, from the Shingarka (River) (or Shinkarka, or Fabrichnaya River.) Length: 24 km, width: 6.4 m, depth: 2.13 m. It was built in 1721 by Eng. V. G. Tuvolkov to supply the Peterhof Park’s fountains and cascades with water. Soldiers of the garrisons of Narva, Vyborg, Pskov, and St. Petersburg were engaged in its construction The ceremonial opening of the canal on Aug. 8, 1721 was attended by Peter I. In 1832-34 the Novy Peterhof (New Connection) Canal that directed the water of the Levolovsky Stream (Levolovsky River) from the Ropsha Hills to R. C. was added to the water passage . A water reservoir and two locks were constructed at the point of connection of the Levolovsky Stream and the new canal (Eng. M. I. Pilsudsky was in charge of the work.) The water supply system exists up to this today

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Paul I, Emperor
Pilsudsky, M.I.
Tuvolkov, Grigory Vasilyevich

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