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Saymensky Canal, the

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SAIMAA CANAL. Built in 1843-56 to connect Lake Saimaa to the Gulf of Finland. It is situated in Vyborg District of Leningrad Oblast and in Finland. Attempts to build the canal were made in 1499–1511 and in 1607-09. In 1835, a survey was carried out along the canal route. Initially, its length was 59 km, width: 11.8 m to 15 m, depth: 2.67 m; it comprised 28 locks. S. C. enabled fast delivery of goods from inland regions of Finland. In 1926-39, it was reconstructed. S. C. was damaged during WW2. In 1962, Finland leased the portion of the canal located in the USSR and Maly Vysotsky Island in the Vyborg Bay for 50 years. In 1968, after a reconstruction, the canal resumed its operation. Length: abt. 50 km (28 km in Leningrad Oblast incl. portions extending via lakes, it has eight locks (five in Leningrad Oblast), 13 bridges (7 of these are drawbridges.) The traffic lasts for 211 days a year on the average. In the early 1990s, abt. 30% of Finland’s gross exports was carried by S. C. The canal promotes development of tourism.

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

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