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TIKHVINKA, river, right-hand tributary of the Syas River. Length: 155 km. Average flow rate: 19.9 cu. m3/s. It originates from Lake Krupino in Boksitogorsk District, 5 km north of Yefimovsky urban settlement, and flows in the latitudinal direction from the west to the east across Boksitogorsk and Tikhvin Districts, and into the Syas River downstream of Ovino village. The most important tributaries are Ryadan, Rybezhka, Shomushka. In its upper reach, it forms two large lakes, Yeglino and Ozyorskoye (Okulovskoye), between which it has many rapids. The name is supposedly of a Baltic Finnish origin. The town of Tikhvin is 39 km away from the mouth of T. In the upper reach of one of its tributaries, the Ryadan river, Pikalevo Town is situated. In the Middle Ages there was a portage way from the upper reach of T. to the upper reaches of the Volga basin rivers. Not later than the 14th century, Prechistensky Tikhvin Pogost was established. In 1811, the Tikhvin canal system was opened. T. became its component entirely: for this purpose, a few dozens of locks were built on the river. After the system was closed in 1965, these structures have declined and are being ruined. Around Lake Ozyorskoye, the Ozeryane, an ethnolocal group of the Russian people, had emerged by the 19th century. In the upper reach of T. there is a stone monument with a metal cross and inscription “In Memory of the Visits of Emperor Peter the Great between 1712 and 1716.”

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

Peter I, Emperor

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