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Volosovo, town

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VOLOSOVO, a town in Volosovo District and its adm. center. Population: 11,700. It is located on the Izhora Hills, at a station of the same name of the Gatchina–Ivangorod railway branch. The toponym V. is related to the name of the Slav pagan god Volos (Veles.) Mound burials of the 12th-14th cc. have been found at the outskirts of V. The village of V. was first mentioned in the 1499/1500 Novgorod scribe roll. It was at the route of the Ivangorod road that connected Novgorod to Ivangorod and Narva. The economic development of V. was connected with the construction of a railroad (opened in 1870.) From1927, it was the adm. center of the district (except for 1963-65 when Volosovo District was a part of Kingisepp District). From 1937, it was a workers’ (urban) settlement, and it is a town since 1999. JSC Volosovo Mixed Fodder Mill and food industry enterprises are located in V. The town has the Volosovo museum of the local history, "Rodnik" district palace of culture, Veles leisure park, N. K. Roerich Volosovo School of Arts, Volosovo central town library, children’s library, sports school for children and youth. The town has a wooden church of St. Prince Alexander Nevsky (1904-05; closed in 1938-41.) A parish of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria was registered in 1992. The “Selskaya Nov” newspaper is published, and Radiovestnik radio studio and Veles TV studio broadcast. Volosovo Urban Settlement comprises Lagonovo village.

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Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

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Волосово: история родного края. /Гл. ред., сост. Н.П.Михина. Волосово, 2002.

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