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Chelishchev, Petr Ivanovich (1745-1811) , a literary man

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Chelishchev, Petr Ivanovich (1745-1811) , a literary man, traveller. In 1766 he finished the Page Corps. Chelishchev together with the group of graduates (A.N. Radishchev was among them) were sent to the Leipzig University. In 1770 he returned into Russia, entered into the military service. In about 1970 Chelishchev retired in the rank of of major. He settled in St. Petersburg, travelled over the country. In 1791 Chelishchev made a trip in some northern gubernias. He started his trip on 27 May 1791 from St. Petersburg going according to the route: the Neva River - Shlisselburg - the Ladoga Canal - Novaya Ladoga Town - the Svir River - Onega Lake; then went out of the St. Petersburg Gubernia. Gone more then 4000 km, Chelishchev returned into St. Petersburg via Tikhvin on 21 December 1791. During his trips Chelishcev kept the "detailed journal" (diary) published under the title "Puteshestviye po severu Rossii in 1791" ("The Travelling round the North of Russia in 1791", the second edition was issued in 1889) in 1886. In addition there are statistical, geographical, economic, historic and ethnographic data about settlements which are included into the modern Leningrad Oblast. Chelishchev was a first who shew the interest in peasants' life and needs. Chelishchev was under suspicion, because he participated in preparing A.N. Radishchev's book "Puteshestviye iz Peterburga v Moskvu" ("The Travelling fro St. Petersburg to Moscow") (see the article "Chudovo"). In 1793 Chelishchev did the translation of the German Drama Work "Feliza, Mutter der Volker» («Feliza Is the Mather of People»). He was the author of "Poslaniya v Rossiyskuyu Akademiyu" ("Messages to the Russian Academy", 1793) including the collection of large quantity of the northern Russian provincialisms. Chelishchev died in St. Petersburg and was buried at the Lazarevsky semetery of the Monastery of St. Alexander Nevsky (Necropolis of the 18th century).

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