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Urban settlement named after Morozov

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NAMED AFTER MOROZOV, an urban settlement in Vsevolozhsk District. Population: 10,700. Located on the right bank of the Neva near its source, opposite to the Oreshek Fortress. The St. Petersburg-Nevskaya Dubrovka railway branch extends near this settlement. (Petrokrepost Station.) It appeared in 1884 as a settlement for workers of the Schlusselburg Powder Factory (aka Sheremetyevsky Factory, after the neighboring Sheremetyevka village.) After WWII, the factory was converted; currently, it is JSC Morozovsky Chemical Factory . In 1922, the factory and settlement was named after N. A. Morozov, a Narodovolets revolutionary and scientist who was imprisoned in the Schlusselburg Fortress in 1884–1905 (he visited the settlement in 1934.) During WWII, the route connecting Leningrad to the Mainland extended via M.; in January 1943 battles were in these places to remove the siege of Leningrad . Reminders of those events are “The Steel Way” obelisk dedicated to the deed of the railway men (1973; arch. I. G. Yavein, sculptor G. D. Glikman), “The Crossing” memorial (1970; arch. L. M. Dreksler, eng. E. N. Lutsko), and the Victory Road museum. All the memorials belong to the “Green Belt of Glory". In M. there is also a common grave of Red Army men killed in the Civil War. The settlement has the N. M. Chekalov Culture Center, a school of music, and a children’s library. In 1992, an Employment Center for Children and Teenagers was established (since 1994, as part of the Children’s Creativity House, Vsevolozhsk District.) The early stone church of SS Peter and Paul (1907, arch. V. A. Pokrovsky; mosaics to sketches by N. K. Roerich) was blown up in 1942. In 1993, a new stone church of the same name was built in its place.

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Dreksler, L.M.
Glikman, Gavriil Davidovich
Lutsko, E.N.
Morozov, Nikolay Aleksandrovich
Pokrovsky, Vladimir Aleksandrovich
Roerich, Nikolay Konstantinovich
Yavein, Igor Georgiyevich

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