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Karamzin, Nikolay Mikhaylovich (1766-1826), a literary man, scholar

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Karamzin, Nikolay Mikhaylovich (1766-1826), a writer, publicist, historian, honorary member of the St.Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1818), full state councillor (1824). Karamzin was educated at the private boarding school in Simbirsk City, then at the Moscow boarding school of the professor I.M. Shaden (1776-1781). During 1782-1784 Karamzin served in the Life Guard Preobrazhensky Regiment. After resigning Karamzin travelled in Europe during 1789-1790, then he mainly lived in Moscow. N.M. Karamzin was the author of : "Pisma russkogo puteshestvennika" (" Letters of a Russian Traveller", 1791–1792), narratives "Bednaya Liza" ("Poor Liza", 1792), "Natalya, boyarskaya doch" ("Natalya, the Boyar's Daughter", 1792), "Marfa Posadnitsa, ili pokoreniye Novgoroda" ("Martha the Mayoress, or the conquest of Novgorod", 1803) and others, the treatise "Zapiska o drevney I novoy Rossii" ("The note about ancient and new Russia", 1811), poems, essays, critical essays, translations. From 1802 till 1803 Karamzin published the literary-political magazine "Vestnik Evropy" ("The Herald of Europe"). By order of Alexander I, in 1803 Nikolay Mikhaylovich Karamzin was appointed court historian and started to write his main work "Istoriya gosudarstva rossiyskogo" (“History of the Russian State”, Volums 1-12; 1816-1829). In 1816 Karamzin with his family mooved to St.Petersburg. He was buried at the Alexander Nevski Monastery (Necropolys of Artists). Diring the last years of his life Karamzin often visited Priyutino, the Olenins' estate (now it is Vsevolozhsk Town), for a long time lived at the dowager empress Maria Fyodorovna in the Gatchina Palace.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Alexander I, Emperor
Karamzin, Nikolay Mikhailovich
Maria Fyodorovna, Empress
Olenins, the
Shaden, I.M.

Leningrad Oblast, the/Vsevolozhsk District/Vsevolozhsk Town/Priyutino Settlement

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