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Ulyanovka, urban settlement

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ULYANOVKA (Sablino before 1922), an urban settlement in Tosno District. Population: 9200. It is situated on the Tosna and Sablinka rivers. The Moscow Highway extends close by. In the 1720s, there was Sablin’s tavern at that place, which gave the name to the settlement. Near the mouth of the Sablinka there was Pustynka Estate owned by A. K. Tolstoy in the 2nd half of the 19th c. After the construction of a railway in 1851, Sablino became a popular dacha area. Brick, paper and cardboard, and glass-blowing productions were developing in Sablino and its environs. In 1922 by resolution of the Petrograd Gubernia Exec. Committee, Sablino was renamed after V. I. Ulyanov-Lenin (legalized by the decree of the Central Exec. Committee of Feb. 14, 1923.) The railway station retained its old name. There is a house in U. (the building is abandoned) that was owned by V. I. Lenin’s sister A. I. Ulyanova and her husband M. T. Yelizarov in 1904-07; V. I. Lenin visited there in 1905-06. In 1921, a study and research base of the Institute of Geography (since 1925, Department of Geography, Leningrad University) was established in Sablino, where St. Petersburg University’s students have practical works. V. V. Bianchi’s family lived there in 1924, and poet O. F. Bergholz, in 1928. In 1927, it became a workers’ settlement. U. has a culture center, library, children’s school of music, and "Olimp" chess club. In 2001, on the basis of Secondary School No. 1, the Sablino museum of the local history was opened. The Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is active. The Sablino Caves are located near U.

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Berggolts, Olga Fyodorovna
Bianki, Vitaly Valentinovich
Elizarov, Mark Timofeyevich
Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich (the real name was Ulyanov)
Tolstoy, Aleksey Konstantinovich, Count
Ulyanova - Elizarova, Anna Ilyinichna

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