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Kuprin, Aleksandr Ivanovich (1870-1938), a literary man

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Kuprin, Aleksandr Ivanovich (1870-1938), a writer. Kuprin graduated from the Alexander Military School in Moscow in 1890. He served in the Infantry Regiment in the Podolsk Gubernia. In 1894 Kuprin retired in the rank of lieutenant. From 1901 in St. Petersburg Kuprin was the Head of the magazine "The Magazine for Everybody" fiction department, his works were published in capital magazines "The World of God", "Zhupel", "Signals", in newspapers "Russia", "Our Life". From 1920 Kuprin lived as an emigrant. In May 1937 Kuprin returned to the Motherland and lived in Leningrad. Kuprin's first published work was the story "Posledny debyut" ("The Last Debut", 1889). He wrote narratives: "Molokh" ("Moloch", 1896), "Poyedinik" ("The Duel", 1905), "Zhidkoye solntse" ("The Weak Sun"), "Kupol sv. Isaakiya Dalmatskogo" ("The Dome of St. Isaac of Dalmatia", 1928); stories: "Doznaniye" ("The Inquiry", 1894), "V tsirke" ("At the Circus", 1902), "Bely pudel" ("The White Poodle", 1904), "Shtabs-kapitan Rybnikov" ("The Staff-Captain Rybnikov", 1908), "Granatovy braslet" ("The Bracelet of Garnets", 1911); the novel "Yunkera" ("Cadets", 1928-1932) and others. In 1906 Kuprin settled in Gatchina, at first he lived at the writer V.A. Tikhonov's house in Baggovutovskaya Street (now it is Karl Marx Street, the house was not survived). From 1907 till February 1909 Kuprin with his family lived in Yelizavetinskaya Street (now it is Dostoyevsky Street, the house was not survived), and from February 1909 till November 1919 they lived in the own house in Yelizavetinskaya Street (Kuprin's house was not survived; now it is the house 21, Dostoyevsky Street; there is the commemorative plaque). In Gatchina Kuprin wrote the story "Gambrinus" (1906), the novel "Yama" ("The Pit", 1909-1915), the esaay "Lyudi-ptitsi" ("People-Birds", 1917) and other works. Kuprin's house was often visited by F.I. Chaliapin, A.N. Tolstoy, A.S. Grin, musicians V.V. Andreyev, B.S. Troyanovsky and others. During World War I a small hospital for injured soldiers was placed in the Gatchina house of Kuprin. From October 1919 when Gatchina Town was occupyed by General Yudenich troops, Kuprin edited the North-West Army newspaper "Pinevsky Kray" (see the article: Prinevsky Kray). At the early November 1919 Kuprin left Russia with retreating troops of the White Army. After returning from the emigration, in June of 1938 Kuprin came into Gatchina Town and housed at the architect A.K. Belogrud's house (at the corner of Dostoyevsky Street and Chekhov Street). Kuprin died in Leningrad and was buried at the Literatorskiye Mostki necropolys at Volkovo Cemetery. A street and the central town library were named after Kuprin in Gatchina Town.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Andreyev, Vasily Vasilyevich
Belogrud, Andrey Yevgenyevich
Chaliapin, Fyodor Ivanovich
Grin, Aleksandr Stepanovich
Kuprin, Aleksandr Ivanovich
Tikhonov, V.A.
Tolstoy, Aleksey Nikolayevich, Count
Troyanovsky, Boris Sergeyevich
Yudenich, Nikolay Nikolayevich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Gatchina Town/Chekhov Street
Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Gatchina Town/Dostoyevsky Street
Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Gatchina Town/Dostoyevsky Street
Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Gatchina Town/Karl Marx Street

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