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Nekrasov, Nikolay Alekseyevich (1821-1877), a poet

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Nekrasov, Nikolay Alekseyevich (1821-1877/78), a poet. Nekrasov attended the Yaroslavl High School during 1832-1837, but he did not gaduated from it. From 1838 Nekrasov lived in St. Petersburg, he was an external student of the university, earned with literary day-labour. In 1840 his first collection of poems "Mechti I zvuki" ("Dreams and Sounds") was published. In 1846 Hekrasov togerther with I.I. Panayev bought the rights for publishing the magazine "Sovremennik" (“The Contemporary”). From 1868 he was the editor of the magazine " Otechestvenniye zapiski" (“Notes of the Fatherland”). He had written poems "Sasha" (1856), "Moroz krasny-nos" (“Red-nosed Frost” ; 1863-1864), "Russkiye zhenshchini" ("Russian Women"; 1872-1873), "Sovremenniki" ("The Contemporaries", 1875), incomplete large-scale narrative poem "Komu na Rusi zhit khorosho?" ( Who Can Be Happy and Free in Russia?"; 1863-1877). Many Nekrasov's poems became folk songs ("Troika" ("Carriage-and-three"), "Nazovi mne takuyu obitel" ("Call Me So Dwelling-Place"), "Mezh vysokikh khlebov zateryalosya..." ("Our Village Was Lost Amidst High Corns"), "Korobeiniki" ("Hawkers"). So called "Nekrasov's School" appeared under his poetry influence. Nekrasov was at the funeral of the literary critic V.N. Maykov in Ropsha settlement on July 15, 1847. In May 1852 and July 1854 Nekrasov visited the Estate of Osmino on the River Saba (now it is Osmino settlement of the Luga District) for hunting. In summer 1876 Nekrasov visited more than once Gatchina Town for consultations of the doctor-clinician S.P. Botkin. He stayed at Veryevkin's inn (it was not survived) at the square near Gatchina-Varshavskaya Railway Station. N.A. Nekrasov was buried at the Novodevichye Cemetery in St. Petersburg.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Botkin, Sergey Petrovich
Maikov, Valerian Nikolayevich
Nekrasov, Nikolay Alekseyevich
Panayev, Ivan Ivanovich

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