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Syodergran, Edit (1892-1923), a poet

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Sodergran, Edit Irene (1892-1923, Raivola), a poetess. Edit Sodergran was born in the family of Swedish-speaking natives of Finland in St. Petersburg. She lived in Raivola (now it is Roshchino urban settlement) where her father served as the manager of a saw-mill. She attended the Peterschulle in St Petersburg during 1902-1908. She did not graduate from the school because she was taken ill with tuberculosis. Edit Sodergran started to write poems in German under the influence of the poetry of J. W. Goethe and H. Heine. She extolled the beauty of the nature of Raivola and Karelian Isthmus in her poems. Sodergran had written poem collections (in Swedish): "Stikhotvorenia" ("Poems", 1916), "Sentyabrskaya lira" ("The September Lyre", 1918), "Rozovy altar" ("The Pink Altar", 1919), "Ten budushchego" ("The Shadow of the Future", 1920), books of aphorisms "Pyostriye nablyudenia"). Sodergran's poems are distinguished with the free rhythm and the absence of traditional rhyme. Sodergran's infatuation of F. Nietzsche's philosophy and R. Schteiner's theosophy was reflected in her poetry. Sodergran was close to modernists. Their leader E. Diktonius visited her in Raivola in 1922. He edited Sodergran's posthumous collection "Zemlya, kotoroy net" ("The Land Which Is Not", 1925). Edit Sodergran was buried in Raivola. In the 1930s the grave of Sodergran was the pilgrimage place of her talent admirers. In the 1940s the monument on the grave was lost, it was restored in 1960. In 1992 the new monument was established: the bronze cat Totti, Sodergran's pet, sitting on the granite pedestal.

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Diktonius, Elmer
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang
Heine, Heinrich
Nietzsche, Friedrich
Sedergran, Edit
Steiner, Rudolf

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