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"Astracha. 1941", a museum.

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"Astracha. 1941", a museum (Astracha Village, the Boksitogorsk District). In the end of 1968 near the village of Astracha remains of soldiers perished in battles of Tikhvin Town in 1941 were found during holding the reclamation works. On May 9, 1969 the funeral ceremony of their burial took place at the village outskirts. The memorial complex was created on this place in 1970. On December 9, 1975 the Military Glory Museum was founded near the memorial. It was placed at the primary school building built before 1917. The base of the exhibition is arms and personal things of perished soldiers that were passed to the museum by searching teams. "Red pathfinders" of the Boksitogorsk secondary school No. 1 and students of other schools and colleges of the Boksitogorsk and Tikhvin districts made the important contribution to the creation of the museum. Firstly the museum worked on a voluntary basis, then it was a branch of the Pikalyevo Museum of the Local History and from February of 2001 it is a branch of "The Museum Agency". About 900 people visit the museum every year.

Karpenko, Irina Aleksandrovna

Kalinin, Mikhail Alekseyevich

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Гришина Л.И., Файнштейн Л.А., Великанова Г.Я. Памятные места Ленинградской области. Л., 1973., 192-193
Памятники ВОв. URL:, 192-193

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Pikalyevo Museum of the Local Lore and History
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