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The Ivangorod Museum of the Local History (Ivangorod Town, 6/1 Kingisepp Road), a branch of "The Museum Agency". The museum include the Ivangorod Fortress, with the historical and architectural exhibition devoted to the defense architecture of the North-West of Russia, and the Picture Gallery placed on the former mansion of the merchant P.F. Panteleyev. The art exhibition opened on May 30, 1980, after that M.N. Pototsky presented to Ivangorod Town the collection of works by the painters A. V. Shchekochikhina-Pototskaya, his mother, I.Ya. Bilibin, and other artists of the union "The World of Arts". This collection became the base of the museum collection of painting, drawing and arts and crafts. The Leningrad Porcelain Works manufacture are displayed in the museum. There are 14 thousand of items in the museum funds. About 30 thousand people visit the museum every year.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Bilibin, Ivan Yakovlevich
Panteleyev, P.F.
Pototsky, Mikhail N.
Shchekatikhina -Pototskaya, Aleksandra Vasilyevna

Leningrad Oblast, the/Ivangorod Town/Kingiseppskoye Shosse (Kingisepp Highway)

Туристский путеводитель по Ленинградской области. СПб., 2003., С.96
Историко-архитектурный и художественный музей Ивангородская крепость. URL:, С.96

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