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Historic-memorial Museum-Estate of P.E. Shcherbov, the

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The historic and memorial museum - estate of P.E. Shcherbov (Gatchina Town, 4 Chekhov Street) was founded on 10 April 1992. The museum was placed in the artest-caricaturist P.E. Shcherbov's former estate which is one of the best memorials of the northern modern (it was built according to the project of the architect S.S. Krichinsky in 1911). The estate was visited by writers: A.I. Kuprin, A.M. Gorky, Sasha Cherny, Arkady Averchenko, artists V.A. Serov and M.V. Nesterov, the architect A.E. Belogrud, the first folk instrument orchestra creater V.V. Andreyev, the singer F.I. Chaliapin. Shcherbov lived at his Gatchina house from December 1911 till his death. Anastasia Davydovna, his widow, has kept many works and personal things of the artist, petitioned about establishing the museum in the estate. The restored works, including the restoration of the original planning of the house, were started only in 1983. Now the memorial study-workshop of the artist on the second floor of the mancion, expositions "P.E. Shcherbov's Life and Work", "The History of Gatchina Town from the late 19th till the early 20th century" are presented for visitors. The museum arranges arts exhibitions, poetry soirees, concerts of Russian romances and folk songs. There are more then 16 thousand items in the museum funds. Museum is visited by about 5 thousand people per year. See also the article: the Gatchina Town Museum of the Local History.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Andreyev, Vasily Vasilyevich
Averchenko, Arkady Timofeyevich
Belogrud, Andrey Yevgenyevich
Chaliapin, Fyodor Ivanovich
Chyorny, Sasha (the real name was Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Glikberg)
Gorky, Maxim ( Aleksey Maksimovich Peshkov)
Krichinsky, Stepan Samoilovich
Kuprin, Aleksandr Ivanovich
Nesterov, Mikhail Vasilyevich
Serov, Valentin Aleksandrovich
Shcherbatova, Anastasia Davydovna
Shcherbov, Pavel Yegorovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Gatchina Town/Chekhov Street

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Gatchina Town Museum of the Local History, the

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