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Yelizavetino, settlement

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YELIZAVETINO, a settlement in Gatchina District. Population: 3500. It is located on the Bolshiye Kolpany-Volosovo highway. The start of the settlement was the opening of Yelizavetino railways station in 1870 (the Gatchina-Ivangorod branch.) The station was named after Yelizaveta Esperovna Trubetskaya, the owner of the Dylitsi estate (later Yelizavetino) whose area was crossed by the railroad. From the late 19th c., Y. was developing as a dacha area. In 1911, poet I. Severyanin was resting in the environs of Y., and dedicated his poem “Yelizavetino-Kikerino" to that locality (“The Nightingale” collection, 1923.) There is road metal production in Y., and a timber processing mill was opened in 2003. The settlement has vocational school No. 44, and a library. In 2005, the wooden church of the Icon of Our Lady of Vladimir was sanctified.

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Severyanin, Igor (the real name was Igor Vasilyevich Lotarev)
Trubetskaya, Yelizaveta Esperovna

Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District

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Елизаветино. URL:,

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