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Klopitsi, village

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KLOPITSI, a village in Volosovo District. Population: 1100. Located on the Izhora Hills, at the motor road from Kikerino to the Tallinn Highway. In the 18th c., K. had a wooden church of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin (according to other sources, Protection), which supposedly burned down in 1768. In 1784, the stone church of St. Apostles Peter and Paul was built at the expense of the village owner Field Marshal V. P. Musin-Pushkin. In 1900, the church was handed over to the Estonian community, and closed in the 1930s; now it is a ruin. In 1883-93, another stone church was built (supposedly by arch. K. K. Ziegler; was inactive after 1935, and closed in 1940; defunct.) At the break of the 19th and 20th cc. there were two Zemstvo schools in K., a one-year and a two-year one. The latter, founded in 1875, was the oldest school in Peterhof Uyezd and Yamburg Uyezd. Leninsky Put Pedigree Livestock Farm JSC is based in K. The village has a culture house and library.

A. Y. Chistyakov

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Musin-Pushkin, Valentin Platonovich
Zigler, von Schafgauzen Karl Karlovich

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